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My troll quota is full, thanks.

Look, people. If you want to sign the guestbook, fabulous. If you want to sign the guestbook as Steve Perry and make it funny, that's fabulous as well.

You may not sign it as Back Talkers only to make fun of them. I am neither Frank's BFF nor his enemy. So WTF?

Case in point:

Entries like this are going to be deleted in the future. Because that's just trolling. Trollage with a capital T. And we got enough of that shit over at you-know-where that I don't need it at my guestbook.
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Ok, look. If you're gonna take my DVD caps and post them on your site, fine. That's fine, I really don't care.


I didn't sit there at work for 4+ days watching that shit in slow-mo just to not get recognition for it. I demand a "thanks to journeyloaded.com" or "these are courtesy journeyloaded.com" or "more at journeyloaded.com" or WHATEVER, just credit.

I wouldn't have such a cow if it wasn't an entire gallery.

Thank you.
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Hark! Updates!

-Added Perry's One More Time lyrics. Thanks to Perryville for providing the song, since I randomly deleted it off my computer for no apparent reason. But if ANYONE KNOWS THE WRITING CREDITS for that song, please do email/comment. Because I don't have access to YBW+4 anymore.

-HOUSTON CONCERT IS DONE YAAAAY ::eyeballs fall out of head::
But like I said in my LJ... damn damn damn I want to do Neal Schon now. Oh my motherfucking lord, that man was sex in 1981. Ok, enough. Sorry.

-Added a Party's Over single to singles, but it's just a Captured cover, so don't get excited.

-I also downsized the In The Beginning and Dream After Dream covers, because they were like 5 megabytes, I'm running out of space(!), and I refuse to spend more money on this site.
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I lied, I'm back.

I had about 3 hours alone at work last night, soooo it was a good thing I brought the DVD. Thank God the lab has the full edition of WinDVD.


...except the actual concert because I only got through half of Lights before I got bored. The interviews, though, are better than sliced bread, really. Thay're all so fucking adorable I want to hug them. Well... mostly Neal, Jon, and Steve Perry.
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